360 Badilong children watch SE experience baby love

360 Badilong children watch with a SE indicating a protective film on the production, there are instructions watches, very intuitive, such as mobile phone card inserted and charging interface position is introduced; the box is half a small part of the design specification and other accessories box; the packing box is designed by the watch very much in line with the children the style of the box body, with bright yellow color, very bright and interesting.

cleverly cartoon image design in the Badilong box body, there is at the bottom of the product related information and the two-dimensional code printed on the back, "360 let each child safer" slogan, presumably 360 original design of the product itself.

packaging box with paper design, light environmental protection. Baby open to see love on this product. But there is a voice chat (micro positioning, mobile phone can send text to app parents) can also monitor, can use the cornet to fight each other or listen! And the weather forecast, the kids are concerned about the weather conditions, there is a life changing screen paper! Especially to cultivate the habit of super good, can help children cultivate good habits of life and learning. This must point praise!



experience to watch, to complete all the preparatory work, first of all to download 360 children guards this software in the application of treasure, only to watch it after the download experience, then insert Nano SIM card in the watch, screen display button, the information registered with the mobile phone number, and scan the watch the activation of the two-dimensional code, to complete the pairing between watch and mobile phone.

it is worth mentioning that, in order to prevent phone fraud, watches can receive the phone number must be entered on the parent’s mobile phone, otherwise it will be automatically intercepted as a strange number.



parents can view the child’s real-time position in the APP side, you can view the location map, children’s Guardian positioning accuracy of up to 5 meters range, can be very precise.

then I want to talk about its different features:

1, the silica gel watchband is very pro skin, the color is very bright, wear comfortable and soft, very suitable for children. 2, charging using standard micro USB interface, with the vast majority of Android mobile phone universal, charging at any time.


360 Badiron children watch SE in the charging battery life is good, for smart watches, general life is two or three days, Badiron child watch almost; when charging can be wearing wristbands can also remove the charge, charge with red wristbands, very convenient.

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