Seven bottlenecks in website operation

many webmasters in the development of each stage, will encounter different difficulties, this article from the following seven aspects of how to break through the bottleneck problem of the site.

first, the site positioning bottleneck

At the beginning of the construction of

website, it is often the positioning problem. The ambiguity of the site, will force the site again and again, eventually lost. But at this stage, most of the owners with the new field of love, will stick to it. Especially with the goal of the user’s research and site profit point mining, will slowly unlock the crux of the development of the site. Difficulty factor: 10%

two, website promotion bottleneck

site on the line, most of the owners are eager to promote the site out, so that the site get enough exposure, in particular, can attract the attention of a certain target users. No experience will be confused, a short time can not find efficient promotion. The passage of time, will lose the opportunity to grasp. Of course, each industry is not the same in terms of promotion, and some suitable for search engine marketing, some suitable for site alliance marketing, and some can use the website to promote 2 and SMO, in addition to some unique model. Such as: PPG original success is to rely on a large number of print advertising investment. Difficulty factor: 30%

three, website traffic bottleneck

The change of

most webmaster are keen on site traffic, but the site development in a certain stage, but can not get the essence of traffic breakthrough, they are confused, how to improve the flow of the site? I think the first ask yourself, what they do, do all ready? To be a diligent observation to our competitors and the whole area of the scale. Charles ( that simply to improve website traffic (or Alexa rankings, the PR value) is not healthy, we should study the long tail theory, rather than waste flow. Difficulty factor: 40%

four, website value bottleneck

if the development of a web site, first think of ways to expose it, then the next step is the issue of website visibility. This is reflected in the core value of the site is what, content, service or function?. Therefore, the potential to tap the market segments or vertical areas is an important choice to reflect the value of the site. Difficulty factor: 50%

five, technical bottleneck

is not only a website program, function updates, but also related to server upgrades, security maintenance and other technical bottlenecks. No backup powerful technical support, a site anti-interference ability is very weak. In addition to continue to modify the user experience, but also to prevent others from copying, and even malicious attacks. Strengthen the construction of the technical team, if we can establish technical barriers, the site will greatly improve the probability of success. Difficulty factor: 60%

six, profit model >

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