How to find the resonance point of the user

I do intellectual property agency business in our company, Beijing. In the year before, only three thousand of the annual amount of application for trademark registration, patent also hundreds of pieces, then after a year of development, now our trademark registration applications exceeded tens of thousands. And repeat customers special. How did I do that?

I, my operating ideas

Jobs’s marketing concept, there is a word, gave me a lot of inspiration, we need to find a resonance in our customer’s emotions. Then he gave an example of Nike shoes. When we think of Nike shoes, it feels different from other shoes. Because they are not the core of the operation of marketing, tell him how good his shoes, but played out to commemorate the great athletes, the core. So we have to find our customers.

two, the user’s resonance where

obviously, our users are business owners. They are only interested in entrepreneurship, is my own proof. Is a kind of attitude towards life. In order to arouse their sympathy, only from this attitude towards life, from the point of view, from the dream of life, from the pursuit of the above to do the article.

in light of the above, first of all, we give every one of our customers, when the certificate of registration, we have attached a letter, the contents of the letter, we know. Is the founder, the Academy of Social Sciences researcher, for their own dreams, in order to make easier network intellectual property the aircraft carrier, doing unremittingly efforts, and to encourage you to believe. Which know about entrepreneurial hardships and joy. I hope we can stay with the customer knowledge.

secondly, each of our customers will get our three legal aid, you can consult, I can help you plan, etc.. And this time, we will put the mail into the marketing, we use email, regularly send them some valuable things, of course, the theme is a dream of entrepreneurial growth history, how they grow, including knowledge, mind, small arms armed to wear socks, all this is to let the user closer to their dreams.

finally, we hold a regular exchange of users. Because our customers are business owners, they need some aspects. Communicate with other requirements, and other people’s energy requirements. So we put these people together with dreams, let us create more value. Share more experience and share more projects.

we find the resonance point of these people, so it will have a lot of available tips, here I do not introduced one by one, if you are interested can go to our website to know, each stage of the task. You search the 114 search standard network can be found.

summary: through the above introduction, I think we have found a problem, if we want to have more of our enterprise >

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