Shock From the world parents heart to see the marketing


this day I was sitting at the computer desk to prepare a marketing plan, it is on time, this time, the office came in a 40 year old middle-aged people.

never face, look very old, should belong to work out from the rural areas, because of the man and my father both face and temperament are somewhat similar, like the face of the wind, like half white hair, like micro bow back, like a dusty clothes. Can be said to be half an old man.



Because the

in the home school children told him that he wanted to buy a scooter bag: this book will be more convenient, not every endorsement package is very tired.

because our online store is not very perfect, and not officially open, but the people will not buy goods on the Internet, so the father from the Internet to find the relevant information, we find the address of the company, then you want to come to our company.

he came to consult with his child, buy this product. It is for his children to go to school more comfortable.

this is really I do not think that is a shock to me, a father to his son, hard on the Internet to find information on the Internet to find, the company also risked nothing personally came to the company to understand the products, to buy the product. Such a seemingly small thing is how many people can do it.


from human nature:

world parents heart, as long as it is useful to the children, even if the big difficulties, parents will try their best to do for the child, this kind of affection, this love of parents is shocking!

from marketing terms:

1 no matter what you do, the product must be in demand.

the birth of a product, must be based on user needs, and if not, then you do not have this product is the market, that is, can not produce the value of the product. For example, in the above example, if the child did not reduce the burden of school needs, this product is not the child needs, the child will not want to buy this product, then it will not have the father later move.

2 to promote products, you must identify the product of the crowd, and then according to the promotion of the crowd decided to promote your strategy, so that your promotion will be twice the result with half the effort.

in the above example, products for people using children, consumer groups is the father, so how do we in the promotion decision must be taken to promote different promotion according to different people, such as the function and good for children more about products, while for father can highlight.

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