Want traffic Then sweep out a one hundred thousand WeChat and QQ

want to get traffic? Think ah, dream are thinking! Do not dream, the flow will not take the initiative to send home. The flow is divided into two types, passive and active passive traffic flow, traffic flow is hard to find, easy to take the initiative, but certainly to eat bitter! Come on, the old driver to take you to open a street overnight pull flow



traffic is divided into two types, passive flow and active flow.


" to passive traffic

comes from the active recommendation of others – in addition to the day after day careful management of content, fans, contacts, there is no shortcut.

"active flow" easy access

wait for you to put on your face and take up your sleeves.

we poor people are really miserable,

computers and mobile phones are your fourteen public mini buses,

old driver to take you a night street flow.

sweep first street today: QQ and WeChat traffic.

step 1,

to prepare a pile of Android mobile phone with the lowest

why is Android phone?

because Android mobile phone not picky ah, you can get a lot of IOS system can not be installed fantastic promotion software; also because Android mobile phone cheap ah.

Why is

a bunch of mobile phones?

hang WeChat / hang QQ.

WeChat /QQ system to detect whether cheating, there are two main criteria: multiple ID, whether the shared MAC address and IP address.

and each mobile phone has a unique MAC address; if the mobile phone Internet traffic IP address is independent, not by WeChat /QQ system to determine titles for cheating.

step 2,

do not need to buy a bunch of real name authentication mobile phone card, registered WeChat trumpet

why do you need to buy real name authentication phone card


if you don’t mind a picture of the real name authentication is not afraid of tired, named after a pile of arrears the mobile phone number of the credit record trouble, then go to the real name authentication.

why are you registered with the trumpet instead of your current ID?

I’m not sharply pointed out that a set of said derivative is really Low ah, but if you every circle of friends, talk about the content set "visible" part not scourge of relatives and friends, if WeChat /QQ has a new rule to seal your number is not lost all


step 3,


to fill 4000 trumpet friends

why is


WeChat Friends Cap 5000 friends, leaving a surplus of 1000 to natural growth.


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