Mobile marketing FAQ to learn from where to start

[Abstract] for the industry focus and entrepreneurial trends, if you have a problem, can the entrepreneur "question and answer" registration questions, small business and the majority of users, will be actively looking for the right answer for you. Today recommended, is about mobile marketing questions.

asked: our company’s products are good, the user feedback has been very good, but marketing has been doing bad, the market did not really open. 2014 intends to invest in marketing. Our product positioning is young people, so I think in the mobile marketing to do some try. Mobile marketing is a new thing, change fast, I need to continue to learn. There is a lot of information on the Internet, but also a lot of books, but it is very difficult for me to choose such a novice. Can you make a recommendation to save me some time

answer: you are right, mobile marketing is indeed changing too fast, the old information often does not work. I recommend a new book, "third screen – Mobile Marketing Practice of the ten stresses", just out of January 2014. The book has several features:

(1) author authority,

is the author of a group of people, led by the name Huang Wei, chairman of the university is wireless, the company is the largest mobile marketing field, more than and 800 customer service.


dry cargo

Book 300, 30 words, included 40 cases of China market, 8 topics, 150 schematic picture. Current customers have a lot of big company name, is unlikely to be false.

(3) data new

The inside of the

data by the end of October 2013. Mobile marketing is the biggest feature of rapid change, so the new data is particularly critical. Who would like to see how through the happy network marketing case?

(4) complete

in addition to the actual case, the appendix of the book is "like 2013 Chinese brand advertisers mobile marketing guide" and "2013" mobile marketing questions "entry", it is suitable for "education and training market".

you may have a problem, so many dry cargo and know-how, author of why willing to share out? We are not afraid of competitors


I think the author’s purpose is to educate the market. Mobile marketing market has great potential, but the current size is too small, not worth "Shou", the author selects "attack" care, through this book let more potential customers to realize the importance of mobile marketing, but also allow customers to recognize that they are the industry expert. As for the competitors, and for small cakes, not to open up potential, make a big cake.

I have a suggestion. If you have no patience to read (usually dull, dry cargo) can read Huang Wei wrote "on the promotion of mobile marketing, the 12 facts you need to know". 30 words of the book which contains the View >

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