Han Han founded ONE App was 60 million yuan A round of financing

technology news Tencent Tencent venture fund partner CRE capital, today told the Tencent business, which inject $60 million into the Han Han ONE project, stage A wheel.

as a small fresh applications, ONE line for more than three years, pushing a painting every day, a novel, a quiz, a thing, the harvest of about 30000000 of users and millions of reading. Recently, ONE will open a new major revision, trying to read, radio, music and movies, the transformation of the literary life platform.

at the same time, Chupin ONE, Shanghai Tree Culture Communication Co., the company also received the CRE capital injection of 60 million yuan. With a lot of no profit can not stop financing channels of Internet products waiting for spring burn far different from the first day on the line, ONE, has a very good profit. And after the completion of the A round of financing, the direction of ONE will become increasingly clear.

compared with the previous version, NEW ONE biggest change from the newly established two plates: music and movies. At the same time, every day with the user’s reading content will be more abundant, and can listen.

in music, ONE through the daily main push 1+3 the first original song to listen to, and with the original author of the text story, on the one hand to meet the audience and the public demand for music, more importantly, the ONE platform and incubator will vigorously cultivate the market potential of the music copyright and music, the songs and stories together and presented to the user. Finally, according to the person in charge of the ONE music section, ONE’s musical layout will also involve a lot of lines under the field, held concerts as well as music festival.

about the film, ONE will also take a solid step forward. According to the ONE film plate charge, ONE film will attract hundreds of professional raters have the most influence, for each film scoring, and with the ONE platform for users to draw a comprehensive score, ONE score of the movie. This system has a strict anti brush mechanism, Han Han even said that the film channel and scoring system to reject all marketing cooperation, and even the future of his film is also the same.


of a ring IP City:

copyright industry chain

prior to ONE’s greatest strengths, concentrated in the field of reading and publishing. According to statistics, the previous two years, ONE produced literary publications, has received tens of millions of copies of sales, low-key occupy the absolute leading position in this market. ONE incubator writers, whether it is a young writer, or thought of the author, have achieved great success in the market. The works of Cai Chongda Zhang Haochen’s works "skins", "I and the world only one of you", with millions of sales topped 2014 and 2015 annual list. The ONE collection, Zhang Xiaohan and Chen Chen ONE, the author’s works are the long-term occupation of the major sales list forefront.

began in 2015, Han Han and his company began to pay more attention to the development of IP. >

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