Good wedding site is equal to 10 salesman

what kind of wedding site is regarded as an effective wedding enterprise website?

first: the wedding website must have strong profitability. I always think that can not bring profits to the enterprise website is sick. A truly effective wedding website should be a lot of profit, each page may bring potential customers and orders to the wedding.

secondly: the design of the website must reflect the specialization of the wedding company. One of the most important reasons that hinder the development of e-commerce. A wedding website should be on the net profit, it must be in the customer to enter your site for 30 seconds to win the trust of customers, network marketing research shows that even a very valuable potential customers into your site after 30 seconds, your website does not have his trust, your website can not let him feel you the company is a strength is very strong and very professional wedding in reality, you have a 70% chance to lose the potential customers. So your site can not really profitable, the design of the site is also crucial.

again: is the website design must be commercial, commercial, commercial! The beautiful Flash cut it, you feel the home that big and beautiful Flash can bring you the order? If you go to Sina News, give you a full screen ads on flash, after the first 10 seconds before you make in the news channel, are you going to curse? When one of your potential customers see your service, with full confidence in your website to find ways to contact you for a long time, but also can not find, finally found a so-called "contact us", but is a E-mail, or not directly, but also your customers E-mail copy the address to his mailbox, then sent a letter to you. Network information age, eager to find your potential customers, there will be time for you to send a E-mail (there are a lot of online customer service software, do not know why not use). Internet marketing research shows that if the customer does not find the fastest way to find your contact within 2 minutes, then you may have lost the customer of the 80%.


is also the most important point is to promote the site, although the search engine promotion is only a small part of the network marketing, but it is the most effective network marketing. Search engine promotion. A lot of people first thought of Baidu and domestic portal, Baidu promotion is indeed the first choice of many wedding companies, but also very effective. After all, Baidu accounted for most of the domestic search engine market. However, the search engine promotion is to take the money to buy a temporary traffic for several potential customers and orders, the effect is short-lived, you have the effect of promotion this month, this month, next month, what did not. The search engine ranking is artificially controlled by program, who give money, who put in the front row, especially Baidu PPC, you are ranked first, must keep a higher price than others, to ensure their rankings. If not >

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