Baidu knows how to promote websites

Baidu ranking all desperately want to front but many keywords we search is Baidu know in the first several SEO may be effective but many masters in Baidu know do promotion can be said to be good for a good

Baidu know the amount of questions every day we do not have the amazing all posts are back again so that not only will let Baidu tired K off your site we need only superficially to reach the ants carrying elephants not overdo sth. know posting suggestions in Baidu:

1 most want to choose the Internet at seven to nine post even if deleted to see the maximum probability of

2 recommended daily amount of not more than ten post days and months multiplying it can be a long time if you want to send a day hundreds of thousands of the best direct Dutch act

3 proposed to send to the relevant sector or not only delete posts may also drop right

4 is best to use an account that Baidu staff think you honestly want to help others not to irrigation benefit is also can improve your level of

5 recommendations do not spontaneously ask yourself so easy to make the Baidu staff to increase the risk aversion

6 post as far as possible not to bring the web site is the most to bring the URL and not to increase the survival rate of 37

7 post to the problem to be addressed in the post so that the link can be displayed to facilitate the click

8 post with the web site is not the most direct is the site address but the site of a column or a page that can let others do not doubt you can increase their own page display opportunities

said here is so few points About Baidu Post Bar post experience next time for everyone to explain in detail at the end of the article before warning those who want to use cluster software or posting machine users attention don’t Dutch act alive!!!

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