Website promotion seven magic weapon

home page is completed, website promotion work should begin. If not for the home page publicity, there is no one to find your home page, you have the building site for what it is? The following is a summary of my website promotion Seven Magic:

1 directly to relatives and friends recommend

this is one of the most direct, the most common means of propaganda. Home page to do, so that friends and family to share this is a natural. However, more and more friends, the number is limited, and by one by one to inform the manual is a very low efficiency means of publicity. If you want the homepage to be open to the whole society, it is necessary to use other ways to promote it.

2 in search engine registration

search engine users to find the information needed to be one of the most important sources, Yahoo’s success will be eloquent in this point. Because of this, the search engine is also the site owners to promote the best camp. There are three ways to register a search engine:

1 initiative to search engine site registration

on many search engine sites you can find the "registration site", click on the link to add your site records. But to remind you that some search engine website home does not have a registered website link, but to the directory below the only. Most search engines can be used this way to register, such as YAHOO Chinese, travel etc..

2 allows search engines to automatically search for registration

, AltaVista and other search engines Skynet is sent by robot automatic search and registration website information storage method. The important basis for the identification of the site is the following two statements: " description" refers to the description of the site, "Keywords" is the key word. " content" is the content or keyword you want to describe, you can write as needed.

3 batch submission software or web services

some software can help you to submit hundreds of search engines at the same time the site records, registration, greatly simplifying the registration process. At the same time, some sites also offer similar batch submission services. The disadvantage of this method is that the total still feel not quite at ease, do not know their site had been submitted successfully, because only part of search engine website to submit registration information feedback.

3 for publicity on newsgroups and


news group has thousands of users worldwide, and it is one of the most efficient and convenient ways to publish information on the website. BBS is also an important place to facilitate the exchange of information, but the management is strict so as propaganda news group, must pay attention to choose the most suitable channel area distributed in BBS, some BBS also banned a multiple (a letter.

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