The flow of a station to do no more than 5000P

how to do a free flow station to do 5000IP on the above, some of the small webmaster dream is very simple, and do other things, the key is you to move your head to think, and to do research on the specificity, I combined with years of experience and ideas to write out the webmaster, for each Adsense trial, basically can achieve 5000IP.

1, landing search engine (too much, too much on the Internet, only two points)

(1) some web site keywords and content play edge ball (especially Baidu), can change the content and submit keywords, collected over a period of time and then slowly modify.

(2) as much as possible to each page (including sub pages) are submitted to the search engine. If only the home page is submitted, the robot will crawl to other pages, but it takes longer.

2, each big website post bar ask

Post Bar posted its own way, can do website promotion and not be ShanTie, can not send advertising address, but you can send pictures address, link pictures made a site posters, mainly reflected the site name and URL, it can be, but is not Post Bar hair, treatment at the discretion of oneself. Many of these stickers, after all it is not always online ShanTie, can also help you make enough flow stick left, mainly to grasp the size of other way you want to, can absolutely guarantee that you can earn points 5000IP.

3, Forum promotion

I’m not talking in the forum a posted ads, nor will the web site address and signature and crazy scraper, as long as the forum administrator a few mouse clicks you can delete all your posts, the way to shut your ID, but the impact is so bad. The way they want, with each column will information on the website to extract a practical decent article (best original), so as to bring convenience to some people in need, and not because of too direct advertising and be ShanTie, publicity is no doubt much better, we could exchange a lot of clicks.

4, the application of text text chain chain, for the 1, at least you can get 100 IP, for 50, so is 5000IP, this simple, as long as you do it, this is the text of the chain of loopholes, and the more the better effect of the new chain, their experience will know. A chain line, 10 chains are only 10, you can find several places, plug on it, the way out is 5000IP, you feel tired, you can’t do, you got there will surely be the recommended chain reference text text.

5, website ranking, the ranking has to pay attention to skills, update time, you have to grasp the time, when you use a pop-up bomb to him, one day you are in the first row, then you can earn back the rankings, you must get the top 5, or significance no, say the ranking 12:00 update, updated every 15 minutes, the >

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