How to make money with celebrities

    recently someone to the website LOGO, then bid is a beauty, I look at her blog, don’t know, see a scare, this beauty is known as the mother of Witkey, legal daily and other media have interviewed her, of course, here the who have relationship of the suspects, but is undoubtedly add a lot of color for her charm.

    a form of today I want to say, is a project with writing expertise of people to operate, that is the network celebrity interview station, and every interview celebrities are independent for a period, for example, the interview for Internet celebrity Sister Lotus, electronic journal article 001. Writing better, write to the smooth, seems to be contagious, also can have the spread of power, this time when you take the initiative to interview some of the owners, the owners of these are not the music, web design to be beautiful, to the atmosphere, give people the feeling is very decent, in each period there is a separate page, like this is the webmaster to do self promotional links.

    this station will certainly fire, but the position must be high, do not make people feel that the station did not taste, interviewed some overnight or on the Internet upstart like this, the station will have influence.

this station by what profit?

      rely on people to profit, when the network master are your friends, you don’t want to profit is very difficult, but there will be a lot of soft cost to you, although you do not charge, but they still insist to pay your expenses, because they don’t want to owe you one.

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