Cross border electricity supplier a tree to complete the 400 million yuan C round of financing

January 9th news (reporter Zhou Qinyan) the new board listed companies, cross-border electricity supplier tree today announced the completion of the C+ round of financing, the current round of major investors have Huayi road into a tree 81 million 250 thousand C+ round of investment shares is completed, the total financing of approximately 400 million yuan.


announcement shows that this round of financing by 10 institutions jointly, founder and students, CITIC Jinshi respectively to 115 million, 50 million voted Huayi, capital of 81 million 250 thousand; Sheng Shijing 60 million, star capital 30 million 8 vote, the total amount of about 400 million yuan.

tree group CFO Li Zhiqiang said that the financing will be used to upgrade the overall business model, will present China to other countries import and export trade, upgrade to any country for any country global online retail commodity circulation network. Based on this goal, the future will have a tree group export direction will dig more explosive goods SKU, the direction of the import brand dolphin supply chain will cover more sea Amoy category. At the same time, the group will continue to optimize the layout of warehouse, logistics, warehousing and the establishment of electronic books in more free trade pilot city.

is generally believed that the explosive development of cross-border electricity supplier usher in an important turning point in the year, 48 new extensions of regulatory policies, the industry into the winter capital, many cross-border import enterprises have shuffled out, market investment institutions also fell to the freezing point of activity. Founder and students responsible person said, although the face of cross-border electricity supplier in the field of adjustment, but it is full of potential areas, a tree over the years the growth rate of more than 100%. At present, a large number of enterprises in the industry are one-way trade model, and a tree is the only three new board listed companies in the import and export of two-way cross-border electricity supplier, has an advantage in the model, so optimistic about the prospects for the company.

has a tree group started in 2008, the main body was established in 2010, the registered capital of 250 million yuan, its main business covers the export sector and the import sector dolphin supply chain. There is a tree introduction, the import sector brand dolphin supply chain to B2B mode based, with more than 10000 domestic B client and more than 45 million of the C end user. In the supply chain channel, a tree has more than 2500 brand licensing and professional team of buyers.

export to B2C mode, in the Amazon, eBay, Wish, aliexpress and other major emerging third party veteran, electrical goods station has about 300 stores, 100 thousand online SKU, covering more than and 100 countries and regions.

financing, in September 2014 there is a tree to complete the A round of financing, in June 2015, there is a tree completed 400 million yuan B round of financing, in April 2016, a tree in the three new board successfully listed. Up to now, there are three trees have accumulated a total of nearly 1 billion yuan financing.

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