The most simple and effective 2 blog promotion methods

recently always feel his mind is disorderly, spent 2 years as a webmaster I have a lot of experience and insights to share with you, but not the slightest clue, yesterday in the SEO union group said recently that you have to do a summary, otherwise, my mind would have been chaos go on, today is Saturday rest, I spent 3 hours to write this article, we present 2 methods to summarize the most simple and effective promotion of the blog.

why write this article? The reason is as independent blog popular, more and more webmaster want to put out their own blogs, including Wu Longjie blog (pinyin cards mother Wu Longjie), almost every Bo live want to use the most convenient method to promote your own blog, how to both effort and have the effect of promoting your blog? Wu Longjie thinks the simplest method is

A. by means of SEO

optimize your blog can also be said by means of SEO to promote their own blog blog, first to select several keywords, generally 1-3, not more than 5, such as keywords Wu Longjie blog, the election is Luoyang SEO, Zhengzhou SEO, Luoyang seo seo blog, now is Baidu second, SEO currently in Zhengzhou Baidu ranked 22, ranked 73 in the seo blog, now is the optimization of the key word is Zhengzhou SEO, on how to improve the Zhengzhou SEO keywords ranking said after a month will enter the Baidu home page, the next step is to optimize the seo blog this keyword, when the 3 keywords into the Baidu home page even Baidu top five then, together with the optimization of the long tail word, your blog this time can be reached on the ip1000.

In the process of

and optimize their own blog, how to improve the selected keyword ranking is one of the biggest problems, there are some SEO experience of a friend might say it is quite simple, the key is too tired, if according to the conventional method, the optimization and optimization of network station as ordinary blog to treat it. Really tired, we all know that ranked outside the chain and content, if only the content words without a strong chain of words, your blog is difficult to have good rankings in a short period of time, and how the most time-saving and most easily increase the number of the chain is a problem, then today Longjie Wu here will tell you some of the most simple by adding outside the chain to improve keyword ranking method, these methods are of course website optimization of formal methods, does not have any Internet garbage, is in fact the Wulong The method is the use of the Jie blog, of course, these methods are only applicable to the blog, also suitable for lazy built blog.

I like

in an article written contest website optimization ranking chain and content, and the more I love, not because I am able to write, when I go to school achievement in Chinese should be the worst, but I found that the written content is actually for our better and more time and more effort the chain, I wrote the SEOER take a long-term vision to focus on the future, how the software.

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