Regardless of the current needs of customers in the new media sales 14 acts

in addition to a small number of idealistic, no business operators do not expect a better sales staff to achieve sales revenue for the enterprise. New media operators are no exception, every day we are looking forward to the rapid development of this new field, which is an important part of the enterprise to obtain sales revenue to support the needs of enterprise development.


witnessed numerous traditional media, traditional industries turn over airborne troops, as well as the recruitment of recruits to the development process of new media company, more than 90% of them eventually become the industry martyrs". However, the success rate of the founders of these enterprises to master new media sales skills generally more than 80%! Why?

Most of

‘s experience comes from failure, and the answer often comes from the problem itself. So we will learn from the first line of sales. It must be noted that: the following questions come from practice, the analysis of this article is bound to know more than enough, it should be inadequate, because the sale of words belonging to the business enterprise technology. Therefore, this article can be used for learning, not as a tool.

we look at 14 typical problems of new media sales:

1, do not know what their products and services are

more than 90% of new media companies do not have standardized product manuals, can not tell what their products can be sold, not to mention their core competitiveness of the product is what. These companies more than 90% of the sales of products, are pure advertising, leaving less than 10% of the sales face every need to re customize. Therefore, similar enterprises to solve 3 key problems: how to improve productivity? How to explain the effect of marketing? How to improve the conversion rate of its sales (portals and professional vertical website in the flow of the conversion rate gap is generally not less than 100 times the


2, do not know who their customers are

for the traditional FMCG industry, sales of accurate quote to customers who are in the time period of not more than 3 months; for the vertical media fine operation, accurate sales report their own customer who is the time period of not more than 6 months; the media portal, sales offer their customers who are the time period of 3 years.

you’re still talking about you, are you


3, do not know what the customer needs is

almost 95% of the sales staff said: the customer to bring him to the site (customer)!

if I were a client, I would say that, in the face of chatter about how the site works and then there are no other sales professionals on the fly. Do you remember the film "Infernal Affairs" line: you said you were a police officer, a salute to try!

customers need someone to help him solve the problem, rather than others to instill a new product how good.

4, regardless of the customer’s current needs


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