Network Pushing Hands Xin Xin talk about the growth of new network push hand

how to grow into a qualified Internet marketer, is a topic of concern to all employees Internet marketer! Internet marketer couple recently more and more with me, to consult me about becoming a Internet marketer, who need basic knowledge and do some basic work in this study, I understand, I will the experience to share with you! I hope everyone can help. Personal views, I hope more master together to discuss.

offers the following suggestions for reference, I hope to help you.

first, learn a variety of ways and means of network marketing

network marketing methods and methods should be too much, I mainly introduce the following several more important ways and means.

1: search marketing

because I was to do a Xin search marketing to do network marketing planning, so the search marketing has a special liking, you may search marketing more clearly, I once again: Search search marketing a commonplace talk of an old scholar Engine Marketing, SEM Search Engine is sometimes referred to as Marketer, is engaged in the search engine marketing people. SEM includes SEO and PPC two parts. SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization, translated into search engine optimization. As a profession, the United States formally began to form 98 years, the country began to formally formed in 2004. SEO is sometimes referred to as Search Engine Optimizer, search engine optimization division. After the optimization of the site will not only improve rankings in Google and Baidu, ranking will affect any of the world’s search engine. PPC is Pay Per Click English acronym, translated freely as pay per click advertising, advertising is a typical representative of Google Adwords, and Baidu ppc.

2: Forum marketing

forum is the birth of the Internet at the beginning of the existence of the form, after years of baptism, the forum as a network platform, not only did not disappear, but it is more and more radiate its vitality.

use of the forum’s popularity, can effectively provide marketing services for enterprises. And because of the openness of the forum topic, almost all of the marketing demands of enterprises can be effectively achieved through the spread of the forum. Colorful interactive is a professional media organizations engaged in domestic forum marketing pioneer leader, has been successful for more than 30 domestic and foreign enterprises, including the business forum spread a number of Fortune 500 companies planning and implementation of event marketing and PR, brand building, product promotion and other types of Internet in recent years, a number of hot events, characters, enterprises are involved in the success of the brand establish and execute the mechanism. Colorful interactive has matured forum marketing team, including the domestic well-known forum marketing experts, writers, push.

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