Zhang Hongchun word of mouth marketing community marketing power

I personally experienced word-of-mouth marketing and marketing power of the community.

our first platform is a platform for the operation of the Southwest Jiao Tong University student community inside the mall. We are the first contracting operator of this column, we let him also can be said to be born. It was from junior to senior.

we don’t do much publicity on the ground, because there are so many students and teachers in the community. Our posts or posts posted by others are easy to see, and there is a direct connection between the mall and the community. By the influence of the community, we have 2 weeks of school to do the order of the 5 thousand second-hand books, other small orders are also very large, there should be a total of ten thousand. So from that time we fully appreciate the power of community marketing and word of mouth marketing.

later found that the community is doing what the sale can be, and then began to shift to a single profit higher electronic products, such as mobile phones, cameras, notebooks these.

then we developed our own B2C, B2B platform. Because they are busy making money, they do not really quit their communities.

but after more than 1 years of development, we realized that we can not blindly make money, although the profit is good every day, but always see signs of violence. Community and platform is a dream we have always wanted to have their own great influence on the interactive website and sales site. Currently being developed in the test of the Web2.0 project is to try word-of-mouth marketing and community marketing.

you can visit here: www.youkoubei.com, welcome to community marketing, word of mouth marketing, marketing 2 interested friends to communicate with me, thank you.

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