Social movement platform plump C 50 million round of financing by the Focus Media


DoNews May 31st news (editor Zhao Jinjie) in May 31st, social movement platform plump CEO Shen Bo and Focus Media founder and chairman Jason Jiang announced a joint strategic cooperation in the press conference, they have completed C round of financing.

the plump sports funding of $50 million, set up by the Focus Media and the source of capital sports fund collar vote, Heiner Asian venture capital fund (SIG), Chinese Softbank and other agencies with the cast.

Shen Bo said, after the C round of financing, they will continue to focus on the national sport social field, through the expansion of more sports category, products and services, around the "big data + content + game operations + value-added services, fully optimize the fitness people’s quality of life, the national sport ecosystem to create a closed loop"".

public information, at the beginning of 2011 plump won the grand group Angel round of tens of millions of dollars of investment; then in March 2014, plump obtained Shenzhen Venture Capital lead investor, with CITIC Capital Investment of $10 million A round of financing; in November of the same year, plump and obtained by SIG and Softbank invested $30 million B round of financing.

Jason Jiang said, the Focus Media is betting plump, is to see people are turning Studio Entertainment sports consumption experience from real life consumption, the future in the spirit level of consumer spending and investment will increase significantly the time.

at the same time, along with the national policy guidance, the sports industry will become a hot industry, the next ten years of development and running, cycling, walking is the most widely Chinese participation in sports events, has a strong mass base, and plump is a leader in the industry, this is the reason for attracting investment.

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