From listening to the pig NetEase would hatch innovative products Ding Lei can be copied and can not

in the NetEase logo turntable of cloud music player interface, Ding Lei mouth laughing photos with madness lyrics and kichiku rhythm, slowly rotating 360 degrees.

this is the end of July the NetEase’s new line of cloud music a song called "Zhejiang Hangzhou" song NetEase Internet recruitment. Netizens have forward said, this is a NetEase".

veteran Internet portal NetEase over the past 19 years, has now become the netizens in the "Huang Yi" or "pig", the NetEase also willing to call their own club, their mobile phone circulated on the Ding Lei expression package. Go out from here to the NetEase who built a called "leave NetEase today you regret now" micro-blog account, where they recalled in "pig" fun or tucao.

cautious into the corner overtaking

from the black and this is one side as a pleasurable occupation, the corporate culture of NetEase, but not all.

the other side of the NetEase, a large, fickle and cautious. NetEase over the past 10 years to complete the transformation of the two: first, the mailbox and wireless value-added services will be pulled back from the edge of the NetEase delisting, after playing the game with ten billion market capitalization. When China Internet giants from the NSS iteration into BAT, people are still holding the NetEase’s earnings analysis that the NetEase has not been left behind, even outside the BAT fourth pole – or at least this is exaggerated, look at the market value, listed Internet Co, Jingdong’s market capitalization is also higher than the NetEase almost $10 billion.

of course, NetEase’s ability to make money is first-class, far more than the current Jingdong. "The NetEase announced the 2016 Q2 earnings report, the total net income of 8 billion 953 million yuan, net income of online gaming business reached 6 billion 438 million yuan, accounting for 71.91%, net profit of 2 billion 721 million, at the same time, the NetEase group had cash and cash equivalents of 29 billion 808 million yuan." (according to author Mao Lin’s article "the tiger sniffing slow cautious, not what export NetEase")

yes, Ding Lei is a typical "cautious" business people tend to small and medium-sized investment, do not easily burn business.

what is the "prudent"? The former NetEase products are "silver" in micro-blog wrote "from the beginning of 2008, the popular Internet video market popular group purchase, popular cloud space, the city of the first king of the flag, but the boss is still small."

so cautious in the tiger sniffing for NetEase four products were confirmed in the interview. The most recent example occurred in the electricity supplier NetEase is betting on the field, Ding Lei from 2002 began to focus on electricity providers, and not until the beginning of the year in 2014 really involved. A more extreme example is in the social field, is the first NetEase to bubble QQ, micro-blog defeated Sina, later Ding Lei was determined to do a good job in the 3-5 year excluding the cost of the "easy", he also said "too late to enter, strategy a little mistake."

but it’s worth noting

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