China LED lighting network operation plan

The success or failure of

website depends on the planning and operation of the website. Only detailed planning, in order to avoid many problems in the construction of the site, so that the site can be carried out smoothly. Site planning refers to the construction site of the market before the analysis, determine the purpose and function of the website, and according to the need of construction site design, promotion and maintenance to make reasonable planning, make the site quickly improve site traffic, establish the brand image. Web site planning for the construction and operation of the site to play the role of planning and guidance on the site’s content and maintenance play a role in positioning.

construction site purpose and function orientation:

China LED lighting network ( is based on the form of LED B2B professional industry portal, the purpose is to build China’s first-class LED lighting industry e-commerce platform. According to the company’s own resources, LED industry leader, there are Internet talent, server equipment, the ability to build such a platform. The website launched can not only establish Yuexing industrial industry leading enterprise image, reflects the traditional industry to extend the emerging Internet industry market development.

site planning in three stages: the first stage: to solve the existing problems of the site. The second stage: website promotion stage, improve website traffic. The third stage: the stage of commercial operation.

one, the first stage: to solve the existing problems of the site.

modaobuwukanchaigong, only the solid foundation to build a layer of high-rise buildings. The same is true of the site, only to improve the construction of the site in order to be able to do in the promotion and operation in order to withstand thousands, tens of thousands of visitors.

site problems:

1, the site is slow, the code needs to be optimized.

2, navigation unreasonable, need to streamline.

3, the page needs to be static, improve speed and search optimization.

4, art designers, the interface should be simple, fresh, generous.

5, functional structure needs to be optimized, some details are not in place.

6, member functions need to be improved, security needs to be improved, the interface should be more friendly.

7, the system message feedback function is not perfect.

8, enterprise library function optimization to SEO yellow pages.

9, the database structure from Access to large MSSQL enterprise database.

10, LED lighting network search engine optimization, this is Guan Jian, the site is still very short.

according to the above problems, the network department website plans to use three months time, after the website can achieve the effect: the page more friendly, more in line with the industry website in particular, code execution efficiency is higher, the site faster, so that the net.

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