Adsense website highlighting the T industry information positioning and interactivity

(sencu information reported in Shenzhen in April 27th) in the continued flow of the first station website home after the revision, in April 27th, was also a significant revision.

webmaster network the revision, in addition to the page template and content page template change, mainly for the change of column names and columns, after relatively empty "webmaster online" and "information industry", "website" name, changed to "news, interviews, experience, promotion, SEO," to clear the name of wangzhuan.

another refreshing change is to highlight the Digg mode, placed in the obvious position on the left side of the home page, in order to enhance the immediacy and interactivity of information, which is also reflected in the increase in membership ranking.

Although the

graph king positioning their website to website information and webmasters transactions, but this revision significantly strengthen the information function, perhaps, advocate the soft culture of graph king, or unforgettable foundation of content is king. Site title is clear as the webmaster will be on the site, this position, I believe is to strengthen the exchange of experience in the operation of the site features.

sencu information ( is the site of the information cooperation, the author found that the initial login page page 2007 Edition dedecms system, it seems Wang Ting rush. This version of the biggest feature is the increase of classified information, circle, quiz interactive channel, the author’s personal login page clearly identified as " spatial aggregation ", there are popular articles, the latest quiz, circle ranking and other projects.

previously, IB information and China station have been revised, the biggest change is the appearance of simple and beautiful home, but also to strengthen the interaction between the prominent position and members of the IT of the information industry.

attached Website Profile:

Admin5 (Adsense network to the webmaster information and Adsense trading as the main.

itbear (IB information IT industry information station;

Chinaz (China Adsense station to webmaster tools and code download for ACE column;

comments: Thank sencu information editor for comments and analysis about the Admin5 webmaster Admin5 revision, the revision of the main purpose is to change the layout, more prominent information timely and fast, and the head of the exchange, increase the webmaster and Admin5 interactive, and strive to more close to the webmaster needs, thank you again for your comments. Also hope that the sencu information can be better and better!

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