Dalian website alliance Roundtable successfully concluded

2008 Dalian website alliance webmaster Roundtable held in Daxian hotel four floor multi-purpose hall recently, the conference organized by the Dalian alliance website. The conference will focus on three topics: competition, development, joint, the seven elements: 1, how to create a green website – internet police and Internet open management. 2, how to choose the domain name, server, line. 3, the problem of Internet entrepreneurship. 3, 2008 Dalian local website development trend. 4, the Internet entrepreneurial experience. 5, the integration and development of traditional industries and the internet. 6, how to obtain the original capital accumulation. 7, network integrated marketing, during the meeting of the Dalian Public Security Bureau police detachment, Beijing network Beijing Dalian company, Dalian Tonge, than the customer network, Dalian port, Dalian secondary network, on behalf of the Dalian Tian Zhi media, science and technology, Dalian Dalian Haiwang veritronix century and a number of Dalian local network media to speak.

Dalian website alliance from ten websites jointly initiated the establishment, after nearly a year of development up to now nearly 100 members of the alliance website, the alliance website involves Internet infrastructure, industry news and information industry website, website of the real estate industry training website most convenient website. After the union official said: after nearly a year of development, within the alliance webmaster made new friends through this platform, learn new knowledge, some find work, find some partners, even found investment projects; at the same time the meeting is the first item of Dalian website alliance in 2008 a series of activities. This year will focus on the status quo of Dalian Internet alliance held network marketing training, occupation managers training, intended to actively promote Dalian to better and faster development of the internet.


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