Public security organs to crack down on illegal websites more than 3500 illegal websites

station network October 15th news: since August this year, the Ministry of public security of the deployment of the national public security organs to carry out the deepening of network crimes against regulation special action, the public security organs to concentrate on heavy attack, cracked a series of closely related with the interests of the masses involved in the network illegal crime case, and achieved remarkable results. As of now, has cracked more than 4400 criminal cases, arrested more than 8900 suspects, destroyed more than 700 criminal gangs, the organization and guidance of Internet service unit to clean up illegal harmful information online more than 188, focus on remediation of illegal and harmful information, the site of more than 3500 high frequency.

since the special action, the public security organs to effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of the masses, purify the network environment "as the theme, according to the characteristics of network related crimes across areas and fields, pay close attention to regional cooperation, police cooperation, the linkage, cracked a large number of online Fanqiang, Internet fraud, online theft, the network hacker attacks, illegal public relations, online selling counterfeit products and other network related crimes seriously affect people’s production and life, effectively purify the network environment. Such as Jiangxi, Pingxiang cracked 9.27 large network trafficking case, destroyed a set of manufacturing, transmission, storage, mailing, network sales and illegal possession of a large network of gun trafficking organization. Fujian Fuzhou cracked the "hacker alliance network fraud, and arrested a number of published information on the Tencent such as Sina, Sohu, Tianya, each big website forum, to use hacker means to obtain information of privacy of individual citizens and sold under the guise of, followed by the implementation of fraud suspects. Jiangsu Xuzhou cracked the "3.23" series of online banking Trojan cloud theft, destroyed involving 32 cities in 14 provinces of the online banking theft gangs, involving more than 1000 yuan. Beijing cracked the country’s first case of illegal public relations network, destroyed a to provide paid services as a means to delete illegal profits, and malicious speculation of target enterprise negative information on corporate crime gang blackmail and impose exactions on the gang, a total profit of 1000 yuan.

September 5th, according to the 8 kinds of 23 cross regional crime, bad influence, the masses are strongly significant network of criminal cases involving the Ministry of public security, organized a special action the first unified crackdown in Beijing, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Fujian, Shandong, Guangdong and other places of public security organs dispatched elite police set up work class, after the arrest, forensics, as of now, suspects were arrested more than 2700 people, more than 860 people under criminal detention, public security penalties of more than 740 people; the warehouse destroyed 28 dens, and seized imitation guns and other types of more than 5800 guns and accessories more than 36 pieces, more than 410 thousand rounds of lead bullets, counterfeit goods and accessories 3 million pieces, destroyed more than 3000 PW website online advertising platform, more than 1 months; involving a total amount of more than 340 million yuan.

according to the public security organs, from a series of cases detected, in addition to network theft, hacking, Internet pornography and other illegal crime directly in the online implementation, all kinds of traditional criminal suspects are increasingly using the Internet, Internet Fanqiang, Internet fraud.

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