9 opened a new domain name WOF is a mysterious new tour Warhammer OL

                in the loss of "World of Warcraft", 9 cities open a new domain name "www.wofchina.com", and a series of related domain name registration, heralded the launch a tour. As with Warcraft. Only one word, the game exactly is where sacred attracted many guesses, there are rumors of "fantasy world", there are rumors of a "three star". But according to the 17173 page www.xxx.com background images, infer this mysterious online games is actually the famous "Warhammer OL"!

the background picture, after careful research, is actually "OL" in the Warhammer chaos camp was born the novice!

This is the

9This is the "

from the initial observation, two pictures in other aspects have many similarities, but The9 website background picture is more bright, is not in line with the "OL" style of warhammer. So how to confirm that the two are the same picture? Please see the following details.

left for nine website background map, "" real right for Warhammer

left for nine website background map, "" real right for Warhammer

left for nine website background map, "" real right for Warhammer

from the details of the comparison can be confirmed, the background image is actually a "9" Warhammer OL novice was chaotic!

for this reason, we basically can be sure, 9 cities will be launched this "Mystery Tour" WOF, "OL" is actually a hammer, unless the nine intends to take "kick up a cloud of dust," campaign for the Warhammer OL pictures to your own new games.


OL" is EA’s Warhammer game, as a matter of fact on the EA shares of the company, as the agent, The9 to get the right is logical. The previous Warcraft replacement, had analyzed that nine and EA excessive intimacy caused Blizzard dissatisfaction, resulting in "World of Warcraft" Whispering NetEase. While nine NetEase dispute, also be regarded as Blizzard and EA two giants in China francis.

it can be inferred that The9 has won the "Continental" Warhammer OL agency, should now pending. From the official www.xxx.com made a series of well intentioned propaganda, the game launch date will not be too far away.

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