SARFT regulation OTT set top box to cancel the TV program back to see the function

SARFT remediation OTT set-top box to cancel the TV program back to see the function

[TechWeb] July 11th news report, news publishing SARFT network management division of audio-visual programs on the front again regulation OTT set-top box, for part OTT TV broadcast control platform integration canceled television programs provide an integrated platform in direct shift and look back at the function.

it is understood that by the end of 2011, SARFT has issued "" hold Internet TV operator license management requirements "notice (called broadcasting Document No. 181), clearly defined, integrated platform on Internet TV functionality to support video on demand and information services as the main interface technology, temporarily can not open live radio and television programs type of service.

looking back is a form of demand, but in the Internet TV content service, news on demand service is only offered by radio and television broadcasters, TV drama on-demand services and information services can be broadcast by the broadcasters and copyright resources cooperation institutions. Integrated broadcast control platform can not directly provide such a look back service, and need to be provided by the relevant content providers. Therefore, it is now part of the integrated broadcast control platform to provide TV program time shift and look back function without policy support, must cancel such functions.

analysts pointed out that the regulation OTT set-top box has no effect on the video site, mainly to strengthen the OTT Internet TV broadcasting and other areas of business management, before the OTT field is a gray area, and other business practices will be gradually corrected.

had also issued a document, and close Internet TV box video client, and equipment manufacturers, Internet sites should not establish an integrated platform and content platform, Internet TV content services can only accept legitimate content. The content of Internet TV broadcast is consistent with the standard of traditional TV broadcast content, the consistency of management and the principle of copyright protection. (Ming Yu)

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