Web2 0 venture capital annual meeting will be held in Shanghai

annual meeting will be held in Shanghai

an exchange platform with like-minded people, a major opportunity to get venture capital.

activities to understand the registration address: http://s.www.u2ipo.com/web20/

innovation, interaction, sharing —- invites you to describe the real value of Web2.0

by China leading investment and financing channels of business blue ocean venture jointly organized with Dongqi is web2list.cn, Sun Chinese co Web2.0 venture investment conference will be held in Shanghai in December 5, 2007. The conference will invite a large number of domestic and foreign Web2.0 entrepreneurs, venture capital, angel investment institutions to gather together in Shanghai to exchange ideas, integrated investment, set off a new round of investment boom and growth opportunities.

this year will be through the Roundtable, technical support and service exchange and project docking and other forms of objective and rational analysis of "WEB2.0 how to create value for customers" and "Web2.0 value" and "capitalists in the eyes of WEB2.0 value and the trend of hot and difficult problems. Meanwhile, the annual meeting will also provide a good opportunity for Web2.0 entrepreneurs and investors docking exchanges. Designed to guide entrepreneurs and investors to correctly examine the new challenges and new opportunities for the development of Web2.0, accelerate the rational adjustment of the Web2.0 investment and financing market, and promote the healthy and rapid development of the industry.

experienced 05 to 06 in the first half of the capital carnival, with innovative, interactive, sharing the responsibility of the Web2.0 company is entering a rational development stage, people calm down from the frenzy at the beginning of the beginning, analysis and thinking about what is the real value of the Web2.0 business model, review and Introspection Web2.0 there are all sorts of confusion and controversy since the."

indeed as the conference organizers blue ocean venture capital CEO Yang Pei said, with the attractiveness of the Web2.0 site to further enhance the market continues to expand, a new wave of development is coming. Recently, the domestic Web2.0 company’s profit model in innovation, such as tudou.com and universal music in strategic cooperation, and other new media business customized ringing tone tone domain I music network access to Disney’s VC, 51.com millions of dollars for the wind according to the consumption characteristics of the user’s login to attract FMCG advertisers, it is enough to show the marks of WEB2.0 the influence of the site and the audience stickiness has been gradually market acceptance, even international advertising investment approval. More Microsoft hundreds of millions of dollars to inject FACEBOOK achievement of billions of dollars value, this Stokes VC site WEB2.0 investment enthusiasm.

blue ocean venture capital sponsor is China’s largest investment and financing channels, east technology is a new research and application of the Internet technology and professional research institutions, its WEB>

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