Baidu MP3 illegal music website will be investigated and dealt with

in January this year following the liquidation of the network music products, the Ministry of culture on the front again below, for investigation of illegal Internet music sites and vulgar network game promotional activities. Among them, the Baidu MP3 in the top of the list of illegal Internet music sites, and Xunlei Network Technology Ltd and other companies are suspected of illegal promotion and promotion of online games.

according to the Ministry of culture responsible person, in January 7th this year, the Ministry of culture announced the first batch of 100 illegal online music products without censorship or filing requirements, each big website before February 28th to carry out self-examination, clear rectification. In mid March, the Ministry of culture decided not to complete the rectification of overdue rectification, is still providing the first batch of 100 illegal online music product service network of 54 music websites for investigation. In the recent inspection, Baidu MP3 and other parts of the site still to provide services of the illegal network music player, audition, product use or download etc.. To this end, the Ministry of culture to make arrangements again, according to the relevant provisions of the Interim Provisions of the Internet culture management requirements, Baidu MP3 and other 14 suspected illegal online music website to be investigated.

it is reported that, in July 2010, the Ministry of culture deployed to crack down on vulgar promotional activities online games, vulgar promotion of the wind was curbed. However, Shenzhen Xunlei Network Technology Ltd and other 20 units, still use the contents of a clear ban, to promote and publicize its operations of online game products. In this regard, the Ministry of culture to make arrangements for investigation.

announced the investigation of the list, but also includes the Pentium Network Technology Co., Ltd. and other four unauthorized engaged in online game operations unit.

also reported that the Chinese Wikipedia community is about to issue a formal written notice to Baidu issued a formal letter of complaint, Wikipedia explicitly expressed their interest in the issue of alleged infringement of the rights of Baidu encyclopedia. In a letter of notice, the Wikimedia community said that they found that Baidu encyclopedia reprinted Wikipedia articles, a total of more than 1 thousand and 600. Baidu encyclopedia on the line, it has been faced with accusations of plagiarism Wikipedia.

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