Small program in the past and present life who is it for

at the beginning of 2017, a small program in the year of the monkey’s tail was startling. And the entire Internet circle also react with unprecedented enthusiasm to pay attention to it, for a time, all kinds of "apps" discussion group comments from various quarters since the roaring waves as one falls, another rises, the media and industry professionals. But the enthusiasm seems to last only one day.

small procedures, the people in the eyes of God and his divine team spent a year honed works, but by people with a passion disappeared one day.

but do people really know little programs?

This paper tries to answer some difficult problems of


do we need a small program, also need not to need to do App


why must sweep the two-dimensional code to use a small program

WeChat in the end is not to do the operating system?

why is there no small app store?

small program is running out, or WeChat will not let you go?

Baidu direct number "

" and "Alipay" brand small program

will decide on what path to follow?

this is the series of articles, the content of the first chapter "series of small programs for students who".

chapter one small program for whom

in early 2016, Zhang Xiaolong announced in WeChat open class WeChat will launch the application number".

after a lapse of one year, in January 9, 2017, the number of applications to small program officially launched the new name.

small program is a simple application that allows developers to release WeChat in WeChat App above, it can be called WeChat’s nickname and avatar and other account information, and some of WeChat’s basic function, camera, sound recording, map, sweep, payment and other functions.

before the launch of small programs, many people are not optimistic about it, which is largely based on the performance and experience of H5 questioned. However, after the official release of small programs, we found that it is not a form of H5, but to the original experience of the emergence of.

here, first of all, to explain what is "native", what is "H5", and their differences.

§ 1.1 from native App and H5 speak of

so-called "native", is the translation of English native. Including WeChat, which we usually talk about App are native App.

strictly speaking, the native App is developed by software developers, iOS, Android and other operating systems can be run directly on the software application.

corresponds to the HTML5, referred to as H5, will also be called TouchWeb or Web App, popular point is designed for touch screen phone.

since it is a web page, you must run >

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