LETV today since the suspension of network video industry reproduction Rashomon

– reporter He Jun

September 14th evening, LETV announced that LETV information technology (Beijing) Limited by Share Ltd and the company is planning major issues related matters, it is still uncertain, in order to protect the interests of investors, according to relevant regulations, the company’s application, the company stock since September 17, 2012 opening suspension, pending resumption of trading companies to publish the announcement.

low-key chairman Jia Yueting debut on Wednesday

the same day, another source said, LETV will hold a press conference on Wednesday (September 19th) morning, the theme is 9.19 subversion day". According to informed sources, the boss of the coal music as chairman Jia Yueting will be rare at the press conference debut, and often appeared on behalf of the music as much as vice president. According to a person close to LETV told the "Securities Daily" said, "Jia Yueting had such a news conference only appeared two times, once LETV cooperation with CNTV, one is LETV and Chinese Unicom cooperation".

analysts who declined to be named, said: "Dong Yueting always maintained a low-key style of the appearance of" subversion "conference, that the contents of the meeting should be heavy, estimated and LETV suspension mentioned in the announcement on major issues."

LETV responsible person to accept the Securities Daily "question, said on Wednesday confirmed that Jia Yueting will attend the conference matters, but did not disclose the major issues LETV and conference will publish content.

shortly before the August 22nd, LETV has announced that, as the new electronic technology with assets related to LETV TV business and part of cash to LETV (Tianjin) limited capital, to strengthen the independent development, LETV TV business to improve the performance ability. After the completion of the capital increase, as a result of music as a result of the new company has the ability to operate independently as the TV business, will be fully carried out as music TV related product development, design, operation and sales of Internet TV business.

LETV responsible person told the "Securities Daily" confirmed that Yang Fang just from the former vice president of brand marketing where customers Eslite joined will serve as vice president LETV, responsible for the newly established as the new company, brand, market and marketing director.

thus, the market speculation that music as a major news should be related to this.

Sohu video and PPS were involved in

, however, another guess is more imaginative. LETV because of the "mystery", making the market for LETV "important matters" is full of conjecture, one of the two day popular news is LETV PPS, the Sohu or the acquisition of video.

in this regard, a person close to PPS to accept the securities daily interview, said, LETV acquisition of PPS News >

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