Adsense network broadcast Wanda domain name is not Wang Sicong acquisition Alipay push flower chanti

1 Zhou Hongyi once again open spray Baidu: wolf or rogue  

news December 29th, 360 year silence chairman Zhou Hongyi has no longer low-key, not only shares cool mobile phone, joint venture and light media website, yesterday "spray" Baidu and Baidu CEO Robin Li.


Zhou Hongyi said, "the Wuzhen Internet Conference, Tencent MA (Ma Huateng), millet Lei (Lei Jun), Baidu General Lee (Robin Li) and I was assigned to a table, see Lee a rare, I prepared a pile of notarial information and user feedback, want to ask lee."

Zhou Hongyi said that the Baidu software bundled with malicious, it is difficult to uninstall, delete and so on according to the Internet society to clean the rogue software definition, what is the wolf or rogue? The provisional decision about Robin Li. This week, Baidu announced its own material.

2 Blue Harbor interactive determine the issue price of HK $9.8 will be listed on the  


news December 29th, blue harbour interactive (08267.HK) today announced the issue price of HK $9.8, for the proposed issue interval (9.8-13.1 million) the lowest price, in order to calculate the amount of funding will exceed $720 million. We will be held tomorrow at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange gem listing.

said the announcement, the blue harbor interactive global offering 73968000 shares, of which Hongkong is offering 1134500 shares, 72833500 shares of international offer. The net proceeds from the global offering of approximately HK $640 million, such as the over allotment for the branch, the net income of about 100 million yuan.

3.12306 reward to find loopholes in the site has been awarded a total of 9 users a total of 4850 yuan  

December 29th news, after 12306 website database leaked, the website added Butian vulnerability response platform, and director of China Academy of Railway Sciences Chinese single highest reward 2000 yuan, called for users to find loopholes. As of press time, there are already more than 20 users submitted a vulnerability report, according to the degree of vulnerability found, there are 9 users get a reward amount ranging from $50 to $2000, the cumulative reward amount of up to 4850 yuan.

it is understood that the sky is the company’s 360 platform vulnerabilities, security expert and hacker technology to master by companies to submit bug reports, enterprise can obtain cash rewards according to the vulnerability degree of harm and influence, to help enterprises to take the initiative to find and fix bugs, improve internet security protection level.

4 Wanda domain name the latest progress: the record information shows that the European rather than the king of the network Fei Fei  ?

December 29th hearing, according to friends @ micro-blog language broke the news, Wang Sicong acquisition Wanda domain name

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