Easy dry wealth is a branch of the investigation P2P financial platform and the storm

April 11th, the media quoted informed sources said, regulators are investigating whether the existence of financial irregularities and easy dry wealth. Informed sources said, easy to absorb the scale of the current investment of more than 10 billion yuan of wealth, its Shaoxing branch has been a survey of regulatory agencies. Reporter survey found, easy to dry wealth indeed in Shaoxing branch for inspection, the door has been police seal affixed.


every reporter Cha Daokun photo coverage by,

following Kuailu and Shanxi have erupted after the storm, April 11th, the media quoted informed sources said on condition of anonymity, regulators are investigating Nanjing Yi Gan Ning Financial Information Consulting Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as easy to dry wealth) and its subsidiaries the existence of financial irregularities.

really? "Daily economic news" reporter survey found that, although easy to dry wealth in Jiangsu where the Nanjing company headquarters is currently operating normally, did not show any abnormality, but easy to dry the wealth Shaoxing branch does accept the inspection.

for Shaoxing branch checked the financial department in the city of Nanjing where the headquarters of the dry Yi wealth said that they were not involved in the investigation, but the attention to the relevant issues, "which is involved in a specific investigation, the current inconvenience disclose, but under investigation does not mean that there is a problem".

the same day, the reporter contacted the headquarters of the easy dry wealth, but failed to get a positive comment, the other said, all to the announcement shall prevail".

– Shaoxing branch checked

April 11th in the afternoon, reporters rushed to the easy dry fortune Shaoxing branch of Shaoxing Di Dang new Kunlun international, a walked into the building hall, I saw a lot of people gathered in the building at rest to fill in the information. The reporter asked whether to buy easily dry wealth of financial products, but the staff did not ignore, one claiming to be the investors said, now only hope that the investment not for naught.

later, the reporter also came in to dry wealth office where the office building 33 layer, such as the network shown in pictures, the office Front Gate has been affixed to the Shaoxing municipal public security departments on the seals, and in the back door and elevator around, there are a lot of investors ask here and fill in the relevant information.

the "daily economic news" reporter from the Front Gate look inside the company, office area has no office staff, most data has been removed, leaving several uniformed personnel on duty.

said one investor, he is easy to buy dry hogetsu knot series a year, the annual interest rate is 12%. Most people here are in line to see the relevant reports after the inquiry, a few remaining staff said that the company was temporarily closed for examination of relevant departments, but easy to dry and other wealth headquarters branch still normal business, also has the ability to honor the principal and interest of the corresponding.

reporter followed by the identity of investors to a left behind

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