Love stand outside the network chain query function to upgrade the upgrade to make the webmaster SEO

As the most important index in the website SEO,

link has been playing a vital role. Although Google is out of the domestic search engine market, the PR effect gradually weakened, but the link role did not disappear. Many domestic search engine, the rise of Baidu, Sogou, 360, to allow more diversified links, links for website optimization, also began to separate from the Google PR to the attention of the major search engines comprehensive transformation analysis. It can be said to do a good job outside the site chain, SEO is also a half of success.

the importance of the chain beyond doubt. But how to do the chain is also a controversial topic. At present, the search engine market competition, "3B war" smoke is not scattered, each search engine also began to pay attention to the user experience and content of the site. At the end of last year, Baidu update link algorithm, YanZha link link optimization cheating, marks the past by black chain, links and other forms of business, its role in further weakened the search engine more attention there is no cheating and artificially high quality natural chain. Just after the Spring Festival, the new Baidu Scindapsus algorithm, a blow to the chain link and super intermediary business behavior, a large number of links cheating on the site is K. The practice of Baidu in cheating and There are both advantages and disadvantages., by striking the link, let sites pay more attention to user experience and high quality content. The disadvantage is the part of the site may be implicated in the accidental injury. But overall, the importance of the website SEO did not change, increasing the role of the chain link, just after cheating is hard, based on user experience and quality content on the chain optimization behavior will get better results.

according to the latest survey data show that the webmaster tool has become the most frequent use of personal webmaster website. Through the webmaster tools query analysis website link data, search engine ranking, domain registration and other information, can help webmasters to keep abreast of website integrated data and SEO trends, more reasonable SEO, avoid excessive optimization detours. Personal webmaster for webmaster tools of the chain query analysis function is more attention. According to industry sources, the domestic well-known Webmaster Tools website love station network ( will soon be on the chain query function. Help webmasters more scientific and effective analysis of site links, improve the user experience of the site, reasonably optimize the link, which makes SEO analysis easier.

love station network in the completion of the query after the upgrade of the chain, will be the fastest and most complete query platform outside the chain, the station through the love of the network outside the chain query, access to the site’s link data in a timely manner. Home chain data update within 50 hours, the failure will be updated in half a month, the chain data website page, do the timeliness of data, then, love station will be the fastest update failure link tool, clearer analysis of the anchor text link, make SEO analysis easier. Through the link query function, the webmaster can get the authority of the link data in time to help the site operations, to avoid the new situation, the site because of the chain of cheating and the sale of links to search engine punishment. < >

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