Daily topic the balance of treasure filing storm disguised approval

webmaster network (www.admin5.com) June 26th news, launched less than 6 days, the user will break through the 1 million people, launched less than 9 days, the Commission criticized the name of its violation". Alibaba recently launched the balance of treasure, apparently enough to feed the appetite of consumers, pocketed the eye of the market.

from the June 13th launch date ten days, the balance of treasure suffered a variety of questions, rumors and accusations. The Commission criticized "is to be pushed to the risk supervision in the teeth of the storm. Commission No. 21 announced that the balance of treasure alleged violations in the filing period. On the same day Alipay said the balance of treasure will not be suspended. The Alipay finance division director Ming said in a television program on the evening of the same day, the commission refers to the illegal matters, just to pay the settlement fund sales account used by different bank debit card is not fully in the Commission for the record. Alipay will complete the requirements of the competent authorities within the prescribed time, the business will not be suspended.

a stone arouses thousand layer wave. Commission news immediately attracted a huge controversy. The focus of controversy is focused on, the Commission warned in the end is to stifle financial innovation, Alipay still do not understand the rules of "fearless ignorance". Commission spokesman at a news briefing on the criticism of the balance of treasure of the two problems, first, part of the fund sales payment and settlement accounts are not filed with the regulatory authorities, the agreement has yet to submit the supervision of supervision of bank. The Commission said it had recently asked Alipay to the balance of treasure business involved did not record the settlement fund sales account filing deadline supplement, overdue for the record, will be investigated according to the corresponding legal provisions of punishment.

has only for funds to pay license for Alipay, commission of the "error correction", is in the "reminder" Alipay to perform "fund sales institutions" to complete the obligations. That is to say, the Commission also sell funds in disguise "definitely" Alipay’s behavior.


Commission spokesman also said that the balance of treasure launched by Alipay to provide more investment options for investors, is to actively explore the market innovation, the Commission actively support the innovation and development of the market system to provide protection and comfortable environment for market innovation and development. From this point can be seen, the Commission for the new thing is not excluded from the outside world as a stand, on the contrary, it is supportive attitude.

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