The cable network ten Google search cheats

the following articles for the translation of the cable network ( to provide translation.

perhaps you already know the specified website search skills, such as " Gmail" (without the quotes search content, the same below) is in the Fried Eggs search content about Gmail; but Google always strong enough we can hardly imagine, following these tips you probably never heard of:

10, get the current time of any place


had my computer time allowed, often to global forum back to a paste, and then set according to time replies. In fact, do not have so much trouble, as long as you use the "what time is" with the city search on the line. For example, I search Shenzhen now, what time it Shenzhen, the tips are:

10:14 Thursday (CST) – Time in Shenzhen, China



9, check flight status

enter flight number.


8, computational currency and metrics

format for the "amount" of "currency" in "target currencies", such as query 100 yuan convertibility of RMB dollars, used the Google to search for the "100 RMB in U.S. dollar", return the results for:

100 Chinese yuan = 13.6915 U.S. dollars


other search methods and so on metric conversion.

7, compare entries and query similar entries (only support English vocabulary)

format for the "better than", such as "key" to query similar to Winamp software, can enter "better than WinAmp", the search results can be seen in the mp3machine UltraPlayer Digital, Media Player, Foobar2000 etc.. It can be seen that the use of English vocabulary to add additional search.


has a similar way to add "reminds me of", "similar to", "sounds like" and other words, can be used to query similar results.


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