Cai Wensheng good rice and then your value Good company with good domain name

renamed China ( April 28th news, millet company to enable the new domain name, Lei Jun said the price "very expensive" on the occasion, the domain name king Cai Wensheng said, "then you is worth! Good companies must better domain pairing." At the same time, co-founder of innovation works, spokesman Wang Zhaohui also recalled Cai Wensheng’s friendship with gifts domain name, the indebted forever, Cai is also a word: good domain name to

with good company!

a good horse with a good saddle, good rice with the terminal, in the multitude of the network world, various websites of a website by innumerable, domain name, space, content, and the domain name is the priority among priorities of the first image of a website, highlights the growing importance of a good company will find ways to protect and enable the appropriate good domain name. (, 58 city (, Jingdong (, Taobao (, Su Ning (, Yi Xun (, shop No. 1 (, ( and other sites, thrown heavily on the domain name, but the reward is far greater than the cost of.

, a good domain name usually in the importance of domain name protection companies from Sina, the acquisition price to name shoes net, from Google to ten million purchase price of, from the 37 game 12 million yuan acquisition of millet, meaning there is a good domain name, more easily users remember, naturally become the terminal in the bag.

for the foot binding cloth as the old woman’s general, smelly and long terminal domain, or need is higher than the value of the domain name hundreds of times, even thousands of times the money to promotion, so as to get the satisfactory results. If you do not force the use of the domain name, the user suddenly remembered, but also to bring long-term brand benefits.

2012, the founder of New Oriental Xu Xiaoping micro Bo said, listen to the Internet legend Cai Wensheng told a point: the name of Internet Co is very important, must be easy to remember, easy to understand, good writing, consideration must be given to the hundreds of millions of users do not speak English to. The same year, real fund and Sequoia Fund jointly invited Cai Wensheng to make the Internet a speech, Xu Xiaoping said the analysis and suggestion of CAI Wensheng a number of well-known domain name, here are more likely to make many founders wanted to go home smashed up the company domain.

Cai Wensheng is a legend, no education, no technology, no experience, when the Internet bubble burst into the field of the Internet, but the market has a keen judgment, achieved great success in the domain of investment, has many industry Larry domain, had "a new Larry domain and Free gift innovation work >

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