The history of a laid off worker

because the unit restructuring was announced I laid off, my fate has since undergone a fundamental change, but also because of this that my life is full of hardships and frustration, so I lost my job at the age of more than and 40, I lost the capital being to survive. But the unemployment also lets me know the cruel reality, because education is too low, has not been able to find a decent job, only free from physical handyman. Pay a little more N, that cannot bear the responsibility for their families.

depressed helpless, germination personal business idea, began wondering what kind of small business can only be suitable for doing business, this is a layman, so to find a friend to help, combined with their actual situation, find a technical requirements of low investment, low cost, and income fast industry. In the enthusiasm of friends to help, quickly choose a project to do the chain project Shengjin tower business soup. After the opening of the business but also wildly beating gongs and drums, must maintain, just do this business for 24 hours, but also meager profits can not afford to hire help, in order to survive it had passed.

October 2006, a chance to come into contact with the network, with a station, Wangzhuan deeply attracted my attention, and my nature loving friends entertainment, their germination to build their own emotional communication. At that time, every day there is a free forum, immediately apply for a virgin built its own station – Rosemary rose. After 3 months of shift but also learn a lot of construction technology, with some of his own understanding for the site.

at the beginning of 2007, I have a station can not make money troubles deeply stimulate me, others can do why I can not. Sure, decided to buy virtual host and domain name (, and I moved to the new service station opened, long hours on the PHPWind community, Admin5, absorb nutrition, and put into practice, after a bitter hot sour soup. July 2007, the basic stability of the flow rate of my station IP500, do the Union also has some benefits, the basic maintenance of space network costs, talk about QQ, bubble network can also be a little tip feel really good.

this year my traffic has risen to IP1000, Alexa also climbed up to one million in the major search engines are included in this site, but I lack basic knowledge should be a lot of things are trying to find, personal feeling is good, but much you have far, please also see greatly the article, to my station pointing Jiangshan a, I appreciate it. I also hope that more friends and exchange (QQ:17252101).

this year, I would like to make a station, we can according to my conditions, give a thought. Haha, I am a brain blind (comment on computer illiterate) I am afraid who ~ ~

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