Shanghai industrial and commercial intends to implement the new regulations through the regulation o

July 21st news, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry is going through a more effective way to promote online sellers to open a business license. According to the "Shanghai Youth Daily" today published a report, the newspaper quoted the legal department of Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Bureau director Liu Jiande said, the business will be under the direct supervision network operators (Taobao, eBay, etc.) through network operators to manage each online sellers.

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Liu Jiande said that each want online business people, network operators in the network with the signing of agreement, need to check the business license, if there is no business license, will not be with the signing of a formal "network protocol".

, for example, is like a market, which all stores require to obtain a business license in order to Industrial and Commercial Bureau, and the market admission agreement signed.

Taobao official spokesman remained silent, claiming to be highly concerned about the matter, but refused to make a further clear response.

However, according to a person close to

as multi sources, although the country is actively promoting the business of online sellers according to the new regulations, but with this on Taobao, eBay is not positive, but these companies also believe that the possibility of the final rules can be in little.

famous Internet analyst Lv Bowang (blog) believes that the new regulations both for the e-commerce platform, sellers or buyers are not a good way, is not suitable for the current development status of e-commerce Chinese. (Yi Fei)

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