Mobile search service providers easy to check next year to start listing plan

Admin5 webmaster network July 23rd news, the country’s largest mobile search service provider easy to check 21, announced that the company plans to start next year, the listing plan. Easy to check has received $30 million in financing, the overall valuation of the company reached $200 million.

was founded in 2004. Easy to check CEO Liu Bin said: "although 3G is the most popular words in the domestic telecommunications industry, but we believe that, in accordance with the international market experience, 3G licenses issued after the market mature need about 3 years time, so really share 3G feast until 2011."

easy to check the business model is different from Baidu, Baidu is the traditional Internet search, and easy to check is to provide mobile Internet search, that is, through the mobile Internet search. Easy to check the current main business in Japan, is one of the top three mobile search companies in japan.

easy to check clearly Baidu as its competitors, and hopes to replicate its success mode, "Baidu in 2003 micro losses, 2004 revenue of $13 million 700 thousand, in 2005 the successful listing, and easy to check in the Japanese market revenue reached $20 million this year, more than one year before the listing of Baidu’s revenue scale."

due to the domestic 3G market is still not mature in the short term, Liu Bin is eyeing Russia and India. "If the domestic market does not rise in the next few years, we will continue to maintain the rapid growth of the company through further internationalization strategy."

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