Oh From 0 to 1 eventually failed Guest trip announced closed today

yesterday evening, to travel in WeChat founder Jing Shu Feng public account on their own document called 7 days to 2 years and 5 months, from 6 people to visit travel is officially bid farewell." And said in the text, before 10 tonight, a guest trip all the WeChat group will officially disbanded.

night, hunting cloud network linked to Jing Shu Feng to prove himself, "going to travel" today officially announced the closure. And Jing Shu Feng revealed to hunt cloud network, this project mainly closed from 0 to 1 because of the breakthrough is not complete, especially for the "guest travel" with respect to the vertical platform, was off the cost of investment is too large is the main reason to hinder the progress of the project. On the other hand, Jing Shu Feng said the guest travel team is not perfect, is an important reason for the project closing.


it is understood that guest travel is a deep experience of travel and desire to achieve a platform to bring the local characteristics of the user travel experience. Located in the outbound travel to the destination to the local people in the dining service, to achieve a new travel lifestyle. Guest (Beijing) Network Technology Co., ltd..

this year, the tourism industry, tourism venture closed B2B, run away overseas project was off costs, tools product realization is difficult, when asked for hunting cloud network, tourism market view, Jing Shu Feng said, there is still a chance, but more difficult. Looking back, in September of this year, hydrogen balloon travel financing failure, the team said the founder of the dissolution will not enter the travel market". It is not difficult to see, in the face of the pressure of giants and the winter of the capital, entrepreneurial road, living in the far more difficult than imagined.

the following text:

of Jing Shu Feng


you 6 people, deemed guest travel deemed the old and new friends.

long time no see, this goodbye is to say goodbye.

thanks for all friends 2 years more,


tomorrow night at 10, guest travel all WeChat group will be officially deemed dissolved.

If there are friends in the

group did not have time to add, then seize the last chance.

I admit, this goodbye should have been done,

I also admit that this is more than the content of the form,

anyway, I have to do it again,

there are a lot of new and old friends here, of course, including my unforgettable years,

believe that you like and I don’t want to see everyone in the group of soundless and stirless dialogue list huoxianhuoshen…… All the way to live, stay back useless, without pity.

so this farewell, in fact, for the last time to bloom, so that all the last group of people in the dialogue list lit;


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