The first case of the national training network hackers out pornographic extortion


is now a network of 2 users to set up a hacker training site, the development of more than 10000 members of the toll collection in the past 3 years, through the provision of software technology to collect membership fee of $about 7000000, becoming the country’s largest hacker training site. The member for extorting money to attack Macheng cafe, caused by more than and 40 optical fiber network of the city paralyzed two and a half days, including the public security units, the Ministry of public security will be the case as the handling of cases.

, however, with an ordinary pornographic extortion case, but let the police found a breakthrough to destroy the site. This is following the "Panda" virus after the case, Hubei police cracked a major hacker.

yesterday, reporters from the Macheng City Public Security Bureau was informed that the investigation bureau of the national anti hacker training site in the first case, has made the first trial recently, the site of the original chairman and general manager was sentenced to a year and a half.

training hackers

3 years of development toll membership

this year, 31 year old Lee, Henan, who was originally a network professional, good at writing a virus program. In early 2006, Lee met Zhang on the internet. Two people to negotiate the establishment of an entity, through the manufacture and dissemination of computer viruses to make money.

in March of the same year, two people formed the Black Hawk technology limited, the registered capital of 1 million yuan. Lee served as chairman, Zhang served as general manager.

two are going through the development of website members receive membership dues, the establishment of Black Hawk safety net, published a large number of "how to attack computer", has provided more than 3000 Trojans, viruses, for members to download.

from March 2006 to October 2009, the site has a total of more than 1.2 members of the toll collection, ordinary registered members of more than 17 people, is recognized as one of the country’s largest hacker training site of one of the three.

become a member of the site charges, each person needs to pay 200 to $996 per year to pay the site, in order to learn various types of hacking technology.


the public security network "paralyzed"

Black Hawk safety net member of a high, is a unit of the former employees in Macheng city. In October 6, 2007, the 24 year old Gao met online Shandong Han people. Han specializes in Trojan "business", also served as the general agent of a well-known Trojan, the Trojan has been killing 360 security center key announcement. Since then, South Korea for "benefit" is not good to be out of the Trojan author. Han did not give up, to control the "chicken" (by a remote attacker complete control of the computer) to attack small city cafe.

high and a Han attack Internet cafes to extort money. The same day, the high of a Macheng City Internet cafe owner users inquire, the telephone number and IP address, told in Qingdao han.


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