How to do a long large amount of visits to the site is not Baidu

      how to do a long, large amount of visits to the site? Non Baidu
      developing site of great significance to the grassroots web station.

      we are usually talking about Baidu and Google search engine and so on, in this will talk about the significance of the site of the site of the grassroots website.
      Web site Daquan to provide convenient access to the Internet users, you can quickly find their own want to find the site, so the web site is also a good tool for users in mind.

traffic is less than the search engine, but is of great influence on the grassroots website.

      first, we look at a web site to see the koala net, the bottom of the web page column, can clearly see a column (navigation network cooperation, it is for the site) for professional web site, we take a look at it and link URL the station, almost every web site’s home page has a koala network link, and are quite conspicuous, and he Links site visit, have access to a small amount of some of the new station. But why would they link with koala network, but also a column in the home, do koala network is a new web site? Do koala network access a small amount of time?? you can check it in the Chinese website ranked world No. a few or several visits or check it. We can know, the koala net is a very good website, you will find that when approached.

      it knows the importance of the development of web station on the site, in the way of cooperation and web station cooperation, or we can say that it is to help customers, mutual benefit and win in the first step of the way for a web station in a conspicuous position, it know the development of good web station, or web station famous, it visits is not possible in small. I think, in addition to the search engine and web station cooperation development is also a good way. You heroes this advice.

      for you to provide a few good web site Daquan station.




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