Senior advertising optimization skill blank

blank is a technique often used in print media. For example, when the newspaper layout in the configuration, not filled the better, the appropriate leave some blank, not only beautify the layout, but also to ensure the quality of the user experience.

in web advertising configuration and layout, we can also learn from the blank skills of traditional media, to provide space for the readers to release the pressure. The following combined with a detailed description of the case.

this is a very common article page, we can choose two kinds of advertising configuration:

1 ad configuration:


2 ad configuration of two:


as an ordinary reader, when we see these two web pages, I think we have to give you the feeling is very different. A choice of two square advertising, but also retains the advertisement frame, give people the feeling that the web content is very rich, the layout filled very "full", when readers after finished browsing articles, but also facing the advertising information coming, it is easy to cause the user antipathy and psychological pressure.

and the second program, is to remove the frame, choose a 300× advertising unit 250, both sides left more blank, this seemingly irregular configuration, adding more lively and rhythm, provides enough information and release the pressure to the user space, make the advertisement more accessible to readers and reading.

in short, a good user experience is an important prerequisite to ensure the effectiveness of advertising. This technique is behind the blank, we try to improve the user experience. Only good service users, the site will continue to grow, will attract high-quality advertisers, will create a virtuous circle. Therefore, we hope that the partners in the advertising configuration must always be the user experience as the center, to create a relaxed and friendly environment and space for users.

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