Creative advertising is good advertising Hengyuanxiang is very clever

reported today on the Olympic marketing company opened a seminar. From the "mouse rat" has been called "pig", the twelve zodiac called a times, advertising creative and monotonous Hengyuanxiang high density broadcast, although it aired under 200 times, but in a short period of time has caused a high degree of attention, although a certain audience shelling, but professionals are not to regard it as right and that the media reports, the equivalent of free of charge for Hengyuanxiang carried out the two transmission, from this point, the company is "smart" really.

before this advertisement company, most people hear calluses advertising is the non naobaijin, but after the latter spread so much, but have shown the effectiveness of the advertising, it should permit is Chinese advertising identity a view: creative advertising is not good advertising.

in the world advertising field, there are many very creative advertising, such as: Nestle coffee tastes great, "M& M"; chocolate only dissolve in the mouth, do not dissolve in hand "Pepsi", the choice of a new generation "and so on, but in the market for us, although the audience for the classic advertisement relish, but businesses of some non creative advertising, can resonate with consumers, this is mainly with the current development level of China’s consumer market is closely related to the.

, it is a process in the mature market must experience.

in 1970s, the United States Procter & Gamble under a "clever door" brand of toilet paper, with a nickname "a gun" (Whipple) the old man as the spokesperson, the old man every day on television to the audience to introduce the benefits of paper. Extremely boring. One of the TV commercials that year topped the most popular in the United States. But the advertising broadcast is 15 years! Outstanding creative countless people on Madison Avenue one after another, trying to eliminate this disgusting wonderful creative advertising, but no one can replace a creative Mr. cannon. Because a gun sold billions of Mr. Qiao door toilet paper roll.

advertising will be the phenomenon referred to as: creative advertising is good advertising, advertising beautiful Never mind, there is no advertising reflects the product behind the strength is the key. In simple terms, rich advertising is good advertising! Brand business history we can see the open company, which is an absolutely not bypass example: About Hengyuanxiang, many people have the impression that it is the last century, the early 90s, when a 5 second commercial "Hengyuanxiang, sheep sheep", but this is just the start Heng Yuanxiang brand products business; during the Spring Festival in 1997, CCTV launched a company in 45 seconds advertising — "10000 sheep" Pentium the commercials, with the background of Australia grassland, out of the "Hengyuanxiang" three words on the prairie, with as many as 14000 only Merino sheep, in the audience to leave Impressive; March 2004, Hengyuanxiang in a grand meeting of the Australian wool auction, with 6 million >

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