Sharing a high degree of video from WeChat to talk about mobile terminal video marketing

because of excellent video resources in the traditional film and television companies, while the relative video sites, most of the time to do two things at the PC end, one is to update the video content, the other is to fight copyright lawsuit, with a competitor, the other one is playing with the TV station, call play the video website that want to develop video, non self can not play, but this time, the mobile Internet has become the climate, PC terminal decline, from a development point of view, the video site has been in development, and the network marketing of the thirty-six or one hundred and eight type, saying video marketing, everyone said the video but the real promotion, promotional video should be detonated mobile Internet WeChat circle of friends.


ROC man "if there is no" pancake "shine" catch demon, perhaps will be born in this summer, more of a miracle, as the original Internet series, "pancake man" popularity depends on a "need", "Lady", "grass root man Dapeng OK" contacts accumulated in these. The more successful and has the very high popularity of the network drama, I have found the secret of success is: whether it is "best" or "Lady" men’s grass root each episode is very short, no more than 20 points, but not the main story, is a collection of similar to 100, with an embarrassing abdominal a piece. Small and short for network drama production, easy to control and the cost is not high, the market feedback quickly, easy to part of network users to resonate, love to see, see 100. A hilarious joke, or love jokes users will be in these small but clever play resonate.


in the circle of friends, friends forwarded a fragment of "grass root" of the 2015 men, probably not more than two minutes. In the WeChat circle of friends many forwards, terror news has prompted news to share news and communication is most likely to lead to the highest degree of video clips to share video clips, these are funny, but also makes people sigh, but also the performance of talent…… The "color" and even some variety show where is moved to the circle of friends to share clips. As long as a video was sought after, there will be a good thing to investigate its source. For example, last year, WeChat circle spread a company Bonenkai a goddess absorbed into dance drama, people laugh incessantly, especially music is the Divine Comedy, then use a variety of means, ask Baidu, finally found the divine source, and will send the music circle of friends to share, if this is a successful product marketing, reached two times the purpose of marketing in the search for the source of the

song!A few days ago we

small square playing outdoor movies, is a bank in a semi public semi marketing activities, however, in response to talk, I also did not see, I asked the old woman was walking, why not go to see. The old woman said: "this is not watching TV at home?" Oh, these words did not say my heart. In the video is not a surprising thing, and everyone when there is a certain choice, once a movie in the village families all together to see the event already no longer. This is folded >

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