Create a blog matrix to bring traffic to the site

in ADMIN5 read the article, there is a little I agree with, is to establish their own BLOG matrix.

I have had such an experience, mobilize hundreds of employees for me to enter the original article (from the data to the BLOG), the artificial way to make BLOG from the search engine to get thousands of IP/ days.

actually, that brings IP to my business promotion is unfavorable. I have discussed this issue in the "promotion of Tourism Association – Chinese Baotuan" and a member of the webmaster. But most people think that, as long as the content of the site, the IP will bring benefits. Because every visitor can be your potential client.

pay and return is not necessarily proportional, but pay will return. So I plan to re create the BLOG matrix.

there are two ways:

one, in the major BLOG site crazy to apply their own BLOG, and then for these BLOG cross the original content, constitute a matrix. The establishment of BLOG need to manually build, a lot of work. However, no doubt to increase the weight of their own website, you can also get a good quality of external links. The establishment of good one particular attention in the BLOG, so as to, called a board array, and don’t forget to put your site into it. Export the traffic to your site.

two, to establish their own multi-user BLOG, virtual registered users of the ten thousand, for each user entry of high-quality articles of the 20.

these two ways have their own advantages and disadvantages. The program can automatically create a huge BLOG matrix, the direct result is to provide a feast for search engines, bring considerable direct traffic.

do matrix must have enough patience, your efforts will eventually get high returns.

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