Seven basic network marketing methods

      network marketing in the world more than two years, with the teacher Wang Ceng learned a lot of knowledge and methods of network marketing, recently, there are many companies and website e-mail to the teacher advisory network marketing methods, because of the time, Wang responded to a part of the mail, but some did not return. So he asked me to write this article seven basic network marketing methods, I hope you love.

      seven basic network marketing methods:

  1, search engine marketing

is now in this era, the network information is what, if people think of the Internet to find what information, the first thought is the professional information website, he knew such as watching the news,, and learning the knowledge of human resource management, knowledge stock If you can not find these professional sites, will be used to search engines, such as or to search, and then find what they want. But I do not know if you noticed, we generally find things, only to see the search results before three pages, general behind the no one to see, because in general the first three pages have the information we want, that is how to make their own company related search words Guan Jian information in the front row, on the site marketing is very important. How to make your site to achieve such a ranking it, my experience is that by doing search engine optimization or to pay for the promotion of search engines, so that you are related to the enterprise industry Guan Jian characters are ranked in the first three pages.

  two: online advertising marketing

network advertising marketing is now very fire, which is related to the advertising industry on the site, in general, can play a very good effect.

  three: network news marketing

network news marketing is to make their own business news or ask someone to write a soft article, paid to publish some news websites. Then put these news on their website for media attention and other forms of export, so the effect in general, are very good, generally speaking, if the company can keep for two years, all new news issued every two years later, the company is well-known to. Besides, if the company’s Web site into the soft text, then the search engine optimization that will play a role when Guan Jian.

  three: links, partners

in the establishment of enterprise website, must make a partner page and a Links page is designed to improve the integrity of the enterprise and web advertising effect, that is too complicated, I’m afraid you don’t understand me, for example, for example: if your partners (suppliers, customer website is your business, so logo) customer or supplier.

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