To improve the quality of the contents to the content page optimization will become the new period o

with Baidu in May to several major direction now on the adjustment of both the pomegranate algorithm or Mars program exception is Baidu in the re-examine what is the real needs of users, the author found that many of the station before, in the article to explain, some articles from the essential meaning, although the original but to please the search engines such as Taobao and crudely made copy comments, QQ group chat records as the content of organization etc.. I believe that these do not have any recommendation of the value and significance of the article has cornered, and for a period of time before the Baidu algorithm is for these do not meet the user experience of the website for targeted treatment, and some have even been K off, as I have been in the optimization of operation and maintenance work, after Baidu algorithm change today. At present, how to operate on their own and in the station for the optimization of the bit and everyone to share good gossip short continued we enter the theme.

first, this paper focuses on the content and value of the station as soon as possible each one takes what he needs to do.

The author thinks that the value of

content is the original basis of its value is higher than the original level factors, the reason is very simple, for example, we have three meals a day, Shaanxi people love to eat pasta, southerners love to eat Steamed Rice, but three meals a day or rice every day although Youpo surface are also new food but none of us can stand this way of eating, so the content level of how to find and construct high quality is the core, the author would be best for different articles divided into different sections, such as for example some stationmaster net article for veteran is a piece of cake has no value, but for the novice like our own website in the conception of timely assistance. The column and the post process also be aware of this, so I believe that the article is this meaning of the latest to Is not very important, the key is whether it is the most suitable, suitable to push things to the needs, so that every user can feel a part of the value is that we meet each one takes what he needs, all levels of various parts of the user demand it to indirectly improve the user experience, increase the website viscosity, so to build the skills and strategies is different, this is not the difference between heart and heart.

second, the content of the site and the title must be consistent with the unity of the

this is easy to say it is difficult to do, a lot of friends in order to do this in order to optimize the SEO, simply believe that as long as the original content of my purpose is to be included in Baidu, the original idea ingrained, but I want to do original without rebuke, again is just the original foundation, this depends on how you understand it. Think the original meaning has two aspects one is as far as possible to be included in Baidu, this is the most basic. Another a layer of meaning is whether it meets the stealth topic with the site theme, correlation factors are given in the Baidu page rank of the core, regardless of your weight, domain name age aside, the same age as the Baidu domain name >

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