What are the characteristics of Marketing Forum

forum marketing is to promote the promotion of the actual forum. Just focus on the forum marketing strategy planning, good impact is enormous, like Sister Lotus is through the forum hype to step up. The forum to promote the focus is implementation, promotion of forum often simply sent outside the company, advertising posts, a person can perform, no plans and strategies, and forum marketing is through careful and complex planning, in order to achieve a series of the team to complete the marketing objective. What are the characteristics of the forum marketing


1, the forum has a strong marketing targeted


forum is the product form one of the Internet’s most early, especially with the development of Web2.0, network forum is blossom everywhere, these forums and species are very rich, not only have comprehensive popularization of the community, the vertical forum also has focused on various fields, the high degree of refinement of the forum, such as the special diabetes forum specifically, the ankylosing spondylitis forum and so on, which means that the user group is also very focused and accurate, it means that we can use these platforms very targeted marketing. At the same time, the adaptability of the forum marketing is also very strong, not only can be used as a means of universal promotional activities, but also for the specific objectives of the organization to focus on special groups of publicity activities.

2, forum marketing has a good atmosphere

forum is the biggest characteristic of interaction, a good communication atmosphere inside the community, will be very deep, like you are an old user forum, often very active in it, or is the webmaster forum management and some other old users see your post will be too warm to you in response to your feelings, exchange and so the user will be very deep, if this kind of atmosphere in the community to do publicity deep, must also be able to achieve good results, but because of strong sense of trust between the forum users, so our information more easily accepted, easy to arouse the user’s identity, resonate in psychology.

3, forum marketing is easy to get word of mouth publicity


forum is the biggest characteristic of user generated content, all of which is generated by the user, if we can transfer the information and product users successfully aroused discussion, will be under the user’s mouth, have very good reputation effect. In fact, this is also our most popular promotion staff.

4, forum marketing costs and effective

Low input

forum is obvious to people, in a few years ago the "50 Fen party" has become an organization of the low costs for having heard it many times, a post only 50 Fen, by our promotion people love ah, and because the forum has the characteristics of immediate release of information, so the thorough promotion forum very short, even can be implemented immediately, in order to achieve quick realm.

5, forum marketing, we can quickly grasp the user’s feedback >

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