Discussion on medical network marketing what is important

do medical, I believe that the most familiar with the 3 data, that is, the cost of effective dialogue, booking costs, hospital costs. It is no exaggeration to say that the entire front of the hospital network marketing system, whether it is consulting, planning, auction, or SEO is entirely around them. But with the rise in recent years, the network media and traditional media decline, once the fame of the traditional media marketing seems to gradually fade out of sight, phone newspaper media gradually shrink or even no, let them become the hospital in the report and then cut the burden in private hospitals does not seem to be too serious, but in some public hospital network is particularly serious.

is this the right thing to do?

The traditional media delivery is reduced by

after the arrival of the Internet age trend, but the rigid media put down, the consequences are terrible. There are a lot of public hospitals in the contact circles, so many practitioners are complaining about the Baidu bid effect is getting worse, medical and SEO were almost to death in the summer of this year Baidu, especially after the gynecological hospital in Tianjin area where the performance is not ideal.

here’s something to think about, because patients do not kill SEO and Baidu does not go to the doctor, the patient more not because Baidu bidding rules update instead of going to the doctor, if the patient does not come to you, and not to those of your competitors there, so patients where


well, let’s go into the text with these thoughts.

what kind of word is the medical network, which brings the lowest cost and high quality dialogue?. What kind of words can bring the highest proportion of the conversion to the hospital?. And brand word search index come from? It comes from the brand influence of your brand in the minds of local patients. I think this truth everyone will agree.

so that the media advertising is a major role is to expand the visibility of the local hospital, through the promotion of hard wide or soft text, induced brand words are searched, and then through the network to guide the diagnosis. So simply because of the high cost of newspaper media dialogue, to the high cost and cut way of newspaper media is very wrong, because you have no role to analyze with newspaper media, leading to your analysis logic mistakes. Most of the private hospitals have a more profound understanding, because the establishment of private step by step, is to rely on brand advertising, but public hospitals are not known so deeply, several public hospitals have the spending cuts in the newspaper media, leading to the hospital brand gradually decline, while the cost of bidding is coming rise, the decline in the performance of outpatient.

but this explanation cannot explain two phenomena, is a phenomenon with operation of the means of the newspaper media hard to before the effect of quanta, the phenomenon two appointment to the lower rate of diagnosis. A lot of people like the reasons for these two phenomena attributed to the people’s recognition of the high degree of advertising, which led to the large advertising effect now

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