Word of mouth miracle blog into new power network marketing

"Crazy Stone" the use of the network as a low-cost marketing approach quickly won the success of the blog, forums and other representatives of the network marketing provides a new example. 2 million of your business is made of 10 million!" This is a "Crazy Stone" in a classic lines. Now this sentence has become a reality. This low cost, high box office miracle may become a classic Chinese film maker. Like its avant-garde name, the cost of only 3 million yuan to make a small domestic film, so that a lot of people who have seen, did not see it crazy for it, it will become a classic case of word of mouth spread.

by Feng Dong’s "Jinkou" – "2 million of the business you made 10 million!" "Crazy Stone", released 17 days, the total box office exceeded ten million, the first batch of 300 thousand sets of DVD are all out of stock. In the nation’s major city of the prime field average attendance rate is 80%; the trend driven crazy box office "stone" prices continued to rise, the network broadcast rights, television broadcasting rights are sold in domestic small budget film price.

the production cost only 3 million yuan in the "Crazy Stone", only by the poor marketing expenses, won the attention of more people, "stone" in the rally "wisdom" remarkable. They did not choose to burn type, bombing of the advertising campaign, but the value of viral word of mouth word of mouth.

in before the release, "stone" in making a reputation under the foot work. Through the promotion of the Shanghai Film Festival Film Festival and film critics, the film and the media in the first warm-up. Followed by the launch of the five cities in the free showings, the most direct to create a reputation, improve the popularity of the film. Before the film officially released two weeks, it has continued to spread.

in the choice of media publicity, "stone" tend to conduct propaganda and selection of BBS, MSN and blogs and other forms, but these ways, the main audience is an important way to get movie information. First attracted this part before the release of, plus a solid film quality, "a ten, the original ten preach 100".

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